Feedback to my game

Hello developers, I am do0gdemon

So i am asking for feedback to my game its game where peoples parkour to earn coins to buy pets and hats. The game willl get new lobby and few pets more. And it doesn’t have main game icon right now so. Try the game please give some feedback.
I have made this game in 1 month.
The new lobby will have minigames so dont worry okey?
I am changing the game to low-poly and game will be going to change.

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The game looks pretty rushed. The pets in the game is pointless since they don’t give you any benefits. Also you should use a actual skybox instead of slapping images on parts

You can improve the obby and the overall build a lot

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Yes thanks for feedback I was thinking would anyone realize that but ye I am making fix for that. Thanks for reporting. But I have used in this game lot of time!

Game has a cool concept, but I recommend pulling the maps out if they are being used, along with, give them higher detail, pets also need some use

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Yes i will remove the old things in next update! thanks for feedback!

Being a huge part of the obby community, I would like to say obbies and pets don’t mix.

I mean like, only pull out the map that is being used for the match, you can easily find a way to clone them from ServerStorage