Feedback to New Main Menu UI

So there was this one day I realized that I want to practice and improve my UI skills because I suck lol, and I practice designing on Photoshop. I made like a competing game UI but I’m not much proud of the output:

As you can see Im not a very creative person. You can also see that this UI lacks many stuff. So my problem is I need the dev forum’s help and criticism to improve this UI.

Please don’t hesitate to criticising me harshly, I want all your feedback and comments on this UI, I don’t care whether they are nice or not because I know criticism can help me improve.


You should begin with some type of game idea in mind to design a ui after. I would give pointers on the ui, it looks nice by the way, but I don’t know what type of information you need to include in the ui, nor the priority of said information.

Other than all of that, its a nice cartoony look.


Thank you for the tip but this UI was inspired on my old competing obby games This game was made when I was a pure beginner lol.

My plans in this UI are simple:
The place holders are for the competitors which is obviously the competitor’s avatar will be put there and the big place holder will be for the player’s placeholder. But I’m still not proud of the design so that’s why I’m asking the dev forums for some feedbacks and tips to improve the UI I made.

Also thank, I glad you found it cartoony cuz that was the main theme

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I kinda like it. I think your going for a more simplistic modern/cartoon style. The main critique I have is the background frames can get a bit boring. Maybe try messing with some geometric designs or waves to go in the back to make it more interesting. Besides that keep it up!

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I get your point, thank you for that feedback. I also agree with the background is too plain, I’ll try to do your feedback on using geometric designs. I hope this can improve the UI. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it so much :smiley:

Grif_0 already mentioned how it is rather plain to look at. However, overly decorating the background would only conflict with the text and make it hard to look at, in fact I don’t recommend you add any decoration to a background whose main purpose is to show stats, or otherwise have a lot of text.

If you want a simple way to add interest, consider a boarder around the UI, in addition to rounding off the corners for a more friendly feel. Decorating the boarder outside of the panel itself could do wonders!

My only issue with it is it has a lot of negative space. (Negative space is space that doesn’t serve a purpose.) For example, there is negative space above the “competitors” text, and under the “rank: owner.” It’ll look a lot more organized and easier to look at if you cut it down.

For practice, it’s really great. A lot better than my first attempts, that’s for sure! Nothing to be ashamed of here.

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