[FEEDBACK WANTED] Feedback needed on my tree

Hello builders! Today I tried building a tree on blender, I have never used blender and was extremely nervous and confused, but I built a pretty simple tree and wanted feedback!
I’d also appreciate some ways to improve my blender skills, that’s all!
Thank you!


that is a good looking tree good job sir :ok_hand:


I feel like the leaves look a little to cone like have you consider adding some shape into the leaves? Maybe add some design to the trunk like roots coming out connecting into the ground, perhaps add some branches going different angles on the tree.

The trunk could use more work as it seems to plain and straight like, but it should be much taller, try making the leaves have a more unique shape. I think you could add a twist into the trunk. The only issue that’s wrong with your tree is that the leafs look a little to small and cone looking it won’t hurt to add some some sort of design to the trunk. At the start it’s good.



You’re not use to 3D software? It’s fine I wont criticize you to much the tree its quite simple it looks like you used three cones and put them on top of a cylinder. Remember for game design you must always try to keep your model in one mesh most of the time though you probably can’t. The mesh I’m seeing right now doesn’t seem connected you can always press ctrl + j to join the properties of the mesh. There is a whole lot of things you can do with blender which I can’t explain it all here other then that your seem to be doing good go through some tutorials and it could come out better once you do it again with more information.

Also use reference images if you’re modeling it really help with details your brain can’t remember, so it will also help alot.

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I love the top part, but maybe too shiny? Also about the Trunk part, make it more of a lowpolish design. Such as if you just make it look that straight, it doesn’t fit as in a lowpoly style. Bend the trunk a bit.



very simple and elegant, make the leaves longer though


This is quite good considering it’s your first time on blender but it is quite simple, and if you want to make things more advanced, you can make it into a full blown Christmas tree(a pine tree). If you just want to make this tree better, I would recommend making the green(leaf?)thing below bigger as it looks weird because it’s smaller than the top one and the case is usually that the one below is the biggest.

Here are some helpful tutorials:
Number 1
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Try making it, not so perfect so to say. Like make them lean, and make a clear difference in the size.

Looks nice! I suggest for detail and try making it so that the bottom layers are bigger than the top! :smiley: