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Hey there! My name is Eve, I have built a hallway which I wanted a many feedback as much as possible on my hallway!

My hallway is based on the Underground Facility which is an SCP genre.




There is a clear since of depth and there has been a good use of colour variation. In addition, you have added additional items, such as the boxes/crates, to not keep the floor to bland.


Building from the last topic you’ve created, I am going to assume that this is an Area. As you should know, Areas are isolated facilities that the public have no knowledge of and often contain highly dangerous (not necessarily Keter) SCPs.

So, this “hallway”, I cannot help but notice that it is very dimly lit. Unless you have taken the image on with very low brightness, I doubt Foundation Personnel would be walking down hallways that are dimly lit. As well as this, there is probably a high right of hitting the objects which appear to be in the middle of the hallway.

If the hallway is this dimly lit, it isn’t just a safety hazard for working personnel but a security hazard. Class-D would be able to hide items such as utensils (as was the case in SCP-3002). In addition, unless the cameras are equipped with thermal and night vision settings (of which they will need as a requirement due to Foundation protocol unless they obstruct the containment of SCPs such as SCP-096) then it would also be difficult to capture footage.

Even if the darkness was for atmosphere to build the claustrophobic feeling that most SCP games have, you have to remember games like Security Breach and SCP Unity takes place in “breaches”, meaning there is an actual explanation for the loss of lighting. And for the players, I doubt they would want to be constantly wearing Night Vision during role-play or even combat.

Not to forget the fact that is this a hallway, things are going to be frequently passing through them and with objects seemingly blocking half of it (unless the hallway is truly massive), it doesn’t really make much sense, not even accounting for the lighting. And in the event there is breach or even a raid by other groups such as the Church of the Broken God or Chaos Insurgency, I doubt Mobile Task Forces will want to have obstructions in the way.

However, I believe I see objects resembling barricades, though this is still a hallway, and not a vehicle complex or even the outside where you would have such items.

Anyway, I am going to assume this is heavy containment due to the colour scheme (unless you’re doing something less traditional of course), though I doubt concrete (or what appears to be concrete since the darkness doesn’t allow me to observe the materials/textures), would be used in an Area. This this brings up what sort of SCP you’re containing. Though I’ll rather talk about SCPs in detail in messages since I am mainly focusing on the build itself, such as the lighting, sizes and materials used.

Honestly, I can glad you used a more spacious design for a hallway, it brings up more opportunities during player interactions and is more realistic. But I really believe the “SCP genre” as you put it has been branded and used to describe builds too casually. As shown in cannons such as the Broken Masquerade, the Foundation isn’t always this gloomy.

Moral is a very important factor. When personnel are risking their lives working for an organisation like the Foundation (and with the risk of defection higher than ever), you would think the Foundation would try to make their facilities more friendly? This isn’t to ignore security but I will provide an example of Foundation working facilities. If you’re going to build something in the “SCP genre”, it is also to consider what the SCP Foundation is and how much they have to consider, this includes their own personnel.

Well, let’s leave this off with a good note and I will re-iterate all the positive aspects of your build.

  1. It has great colour variation.
  2. It has a good sense of depth and architectural integrity.
  3. The space is more realistic than the small corridors you see in other SCP games.
  4. There’s small details that make the build stand out and make it less bland.
  5. It fits what the majority of people would think of the SCP Foundation.
For those who don't know much about SCP

Secure. Contain. Protect. These three simple words both comprise the initials of the Foundation, as well as the Foundation’s steadfast, motto. The SCP Foundation is most often presented as a shadowy organisation that works outside of public awareness, in order to keep things secret and safe. The SCP Foundation is a well funded and staffed organisation that generally works outside public awareness and operates with or without the approval of support of local governments. The Foundation often recruits the finest scientists, researchers, engineers and military agents they can find, employing them to perform stressful and generally dangerous tasks. These tasks are of course related to the Foundation’s motto that I mentioned at the start: “Secure. Contain. Protect.”. Within the universe that the Foundation operates in, which is most often presented as our own universe, there’s a massive number of strange, paranormal and anomalous things. These things, which bend or break the natural order of things as most people know it, can vary wildly in concept, form, hostility, usefulness and danger. Without getting into too many details at this point, these anomalous entities can range from immortal killing machines to a six-sided die that occasionally lands on a seven. Some can be used to greatly benefit the Foundation, such as pills that can cure any disease, while others continually threaten both The Foundation and all life on Earth, such as massive eldredge entities, for which the Foundation has no idea how to contain.


To be honest I don’t have much time to read all of the messages (lol). However I just read some of it and it’s very well to guide me!

It needs to be a bit brighter, but if you’re going for a dark look, just turn off the global shadows, and turn it to zero. Overall, looks amazing!

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The image you provided for us doesn’t show very much “could you perhaps increase the lighting so we could see the entire interior with it’s proper object”?

Color variation here is stale I only see two colors that were dominating the entire screenshot. Some kind of dark grey and white.

From what I can see please some additional details on the walls to improve the quality of the build you could think of is adding some fans, pipes different lighting features or any details around the walls and ground.

What you have so far, you’ve definitely made some pretty good progress however it’s quite hard to see the details you added around the hallway but I’m sure the build plays a role and meaning why it’s dark the small pallets added look good perhaps different objects on the wall and flooring. It’s a nice hallway it seems like your getting a dark feel. It isn’t much now it’s a good amount of objects.

Overall it’s, not bad.

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It impressed me, I like it overall. I don’t have anything to speak much since it’s great.
Also, what’s that site/facility you building tho? (I mean like what site number or name)

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It’s Area - 46, however it is not yet opened as it’s still under developing.