Feedback wanted on GFXs

Hey everyone!

As a side project from a Clothing Designer, I’ve been editing/making some GFXs on the side.

I just want to have some feedback, how are these two linked below?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m really liking the second one, where do you get your HDRI’s from? I like the way that the lighting is displayed, it’s not just one color, it’s multiple smushed together, which makes it look nice. I also like the lighting on the first GFX, the little details like the grass, butterflies, ect.

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these are really nice! did you make the 1st one though?.. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen it on Instagram before. it looks like you just cropped it, and added a watermark…

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No. If you could send that link to me via the messages it would be really kind of you, interesting.

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Thanks Jack! I actually messed around with some of the settings on my photo app to make it look vibrant but also pretty at the same time. I’ll have a look on what I used and I’ll let you know <3

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I cannot find a link to it, since I don’t remember the name of the account. though I have seen this GFX many times, it was very popular. is there any chance you can somehow send proof that you made it? maybe a picture of inside the program you used? I might be mistaken, but the GFX looks oddly familiar.

Actually, I might have gotten confused with a similar GFX? There is/was a creator on Instagram that created something similar a long time ago, the clothes and avatar were the same, but it wasn’t the exact thing like here. I apologize for the misunderstanding!

There’s not much I can say, I think you did a little excessive on the butterflies on the first image, and the second looks a little plain, besides that, both look amazing!

Both look very nice and aesthetic, one recommendation I have is removing the noise. Not sure if the noise is intentional in this situation, but noisy images often seem pixelated and are unattractive. If you use Blender 2.8+, I can show you how to remove it. YouTube has plenty of quick tutorials as well. Overall, both are very well done and look fabulous!

It’s okay! No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll look into this. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

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