(Feedback Wanted) What do you think of my game? (UCG)

HI Fellow Developers
I am currently working on a game called Untitled Code Game, UCG for short. It’s a game where you go around the map trying to find codes, it can also be a hangout game.

I am wondering about’;


What you think of the game


How I can improve it


If you like it or not

Here is the game

If you are going to play, do not rate it, it’s not done
I already know about the thumbnail, yeah, it’s bland :sob:
You are welcome to place footage of the game, but do not reveal codes, just show some bugs


Thank you for reading, this is my first topic on Devforum so let me know if there are mistakes!
I will try to be as active as possible

I put a lot of effort in this topic, so don’t be too harsh

7 :money_with_wings:



Ask for feedbacks once the project is nearer finished, because for this, there’s just too many flaws.
Don’t reply with I know, I planned on adding them.
GUI is not original
The islands are too blocky and unnatural

Waiting for your next update!

Cool concept! I love the idea where you have to go around the map to find codes. However, not really sure what I’m supposed to do afterward, I found one of the codes and redeemed it, but it seems not to do anything :confused: Needs more work

It’s supposed to give an item
Have you pressed the Items GUI?

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Ok, I will try to make it more original
Which GUIs are you talking about?

That is how they are supposed to be, what do you think they should look like?

I will remember in the future

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Okay so, on the right side of the screen

Somehow the 3 different GUIs have different style, color types and fonts? Why?

Either try Terrain + Cartoonish builds or go full-on on retro.

I get what you mean, I will fix those GUIs when I get the chance

I might try those options, however, I do not know what retro style is :confused:
Thank you for replying

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What you think of the game

I’ve never seen a game like this, it’s original.

How I can improve it

Have a code counter: For example put a board that says which player has found more codes in the game.

If you like it or not

I like the idea, but you could improve it a bit.



The donation board works perfectly. :wink:

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Cool idea for a game. Peeps seem to enjoy hunting and collecting things, so fits in well with that idea.

The cloud spacing/arrangement looks way to rigid and unnatural. Try to alter the spacing and layout a bit.

I clicked the Help icon on the start screen and was a bit overwhelmed with information. Perhaps spread that info across a couple of tabs/pages.

Thank you for the reply, (and the donation)

I realized the problem for the badge, I put 600 seconds, I can just change that to a 10 mins badge :sweat_smile:

The leaderboard is a good idea, why didn’t I think of that?
I might need help to make it though, I can barely script

Thank you for the feedback

meant to reply to @Tinfloco_Sushi, sorry about that

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The thumbnail is terrible, but at least the badge is “fixed”
I will change the thumbnail later

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What should I do first?

  • Add more badges
  • Fix GUIs
  • Edit islands
  • Add codes
  • Make a leaderboard

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Alright, i will try and make a topic on how to build that leaderboard

Wish me luck

(Topic is closing)

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How do you close a topic?

Im stuck

You cannot close topics,

Good to know
This topic will be here FOREVER, HAHAHA