[FEEDBACK] - What is your opinion?

Hello my name is UhTrue I have been building for a while now and I want your feedback on what I should make and what I should change to my wood furniture pack.

Wooden Pack:

(Should I sell the pack separate or all together?)

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It’s a nice collection. I would probably sell the pack all together because it all goes together. If you bought a chair, you’d have to make a good table to go with it, etc. You’ll probably get more people buying it if you have a set.

A quick suggestion though, you should add more items like lamps to go on top of the shelves, books, picture frames, etc.

Looks nice, try playing with union operations to make your builds look more polished.

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I love the entire pack, I cant think of anything to say other than compliments. I think you should sell the whole pack for a reasonable price.

They look good, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to sell assets


First off, I feel like this is a really nice combination, it all matches perfectly together, and you should sell them as a set.

If you want to, you can add little detail like a plant or cups on the table, books on the shelves as mentioned earlier;

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they look too excellent i like the design of both the table and the chairs.Good job

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You should sell the chairs and table separate from the shelves, as people may want to just buy the table + chairs as a dining room set, and not have the shelves.

I like this! And you should sell it in a pack, not apart. I would like to see more of those packs! Keep doing this and good luck in the future!

Basic but pretty nice. Modern!

Cool little pack, I would recommend possibly using some union’s in the pack to get more effective builds.

Maybe include some other stuff within the pack as currently you don’t get that much.

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It’s a great pack of furniture which you can use in your future creations! I really like it.

In my opinion, it would be better if you tried editing the colours/materials ( I know that it is Wooden Furniture Pack, just wanted to point out. ) because it could always be better! You may use a bit brighter colours and it would be much better if you did create some small details such as some books and flowers, plates and other details!

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