[FEEDBACK] Winter Themed Floating Island

Hello! I’m a beginner builder, and this was my most recent build. It’s the lobby to a figure skating rink that is coming soon. I’m just looking for some feedback on this game.

This is the link to the game:


This is nice! Add a few more clouds of different varieties to give it flavor.

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Pretty much what @ScytheSlayin said but you could also put clouds at the bottom of the floating island

With the very little work you provided, I can somewhat manage to come up with some ideas. I love the idea of floating islands though. This is a very good build, I definitely think the floating islands make the map look way better, but I would suggest adding a variety of floating islands and buildings.

It’s a good start to a lobby however you should consider finishing it off as there’s not much we can comment on. I’d recommend decorations and big stone rocks placed on the side of the islands in the lobby to give it a nice theme. You should consider adding maybe some taller trees or possibly a small little obstacle so players could interact with each-other maybe a small bridge connecting to another island could give it a nice look. Overall, it’s a decent start to a lobby best luck with your game!