[Feedback] WIP Tavern Showcase

Been working on a tavern showcase for some time now, and I really think it’s starting to come together, but it’s still veryyyy much a work in progress. I’ve been struggling with keeping my motivation to work on it for awhile now, I always find myself coming back to work on it, and then having a huge burn out and not even touching it until a few months later. Any feedback, ideas, or tips (not just for keeping motivation, but for the actual build as well), that’d be appreciated, thanks.

In Game

In Studio

Wide shot

Table #1


Roof Detailing

Roof Supports


Table #2 - Supposed to be Dwarven table, ie all the foods, drinks, and weapons.


This is insane. How did you create this artwork? It is splendid even in the smallest detail there are no mistake’s.


Did the images get compressed for you or is that just me?
Also, it took a lot of hard work to get to where I am I suppose. I started the project with absolutely zero knowledge in blender and now I’d say I’m pretty decent. But thanks dude, means a lot.


This is so amazing! I especially love the texturing/material work, it’s just so awesome.

To add to it, maybe some carpets or some furniture around there would be good. The edges of the floor against the walls are lacking compared to the center of the building. I also notice a ton of warm colors like yellow, adding something blue or a cold color would make that something stand out so maybe adding something like that.

As for motivation, I find that making a schedule really helps. It’s unhealthy to be working 7 hours one day and 30 minutes for another for example. Maybe 2 or 3 hours Monday through Friday. Getting into the habit of something helps with the not having motivation. Also, motivation will not always be there so yeah.

Anyways, I love what you have so far. :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking of adding painted shields, banners hanging off a railing im going to add, and stained glass windows to provide some blues.