Feedback/Opinions on my UI's

Hello Developers,

I made some UI’s for an obby of mine, and I would like your opinions on them and/or suggestions.

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make my UI’s look good and clean and fresh.

  2. What is the issue? I want people’s opinion on them. image

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve resized them, and tried different colors, but I wasn’t satisfied. So I would like other people’s opinions.



try using a different font and UI design? the type that you are using currently are extremely common within obby games.


I would strongly recommend you to use the same text colour. In this case, white looks better. The 3D effect is quite good, but you could put it not only on the bottom. Try putting it on left or right too.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but wouldn’t that effect mobile users? Would the UI’s effect the jump button or move button?

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What do you mean with that? (30 chars)

If I move the UI’s to the right side or left side, wouldn’t that effect the mobile jump button and move button? (The UI’s are currently on the top of the player’s screen.)

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The UI is scaled isnt it? (30 chars)

It is, but are there any other ways that the UI’s could effect the mobile buttons?

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If the UI is scaled, i does not affect mobile buttons. (Depending on how you scale them ofc!)

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You can also view the different devices in studio. Check that out!

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is it at the bottom or the top of the screen?

It’s a good, clean and easy to see UI design. But like @anross said, it’s really common around most obby games.

Well, the font is common is what I mean.

Keep the consistency of using the same colors, the white and the yellow is really high contrast and hurts my eyes. Also, make sure you have good padding, the one you have here isn’t great.

You don’t have much choices when you use the regular Roblox Studio fonts.

I think it would be more modern if you changed the font to SourceSansLight, changed the text color to like a ton of white which isn’t hard to read and add an UIGradient to the text, then change the UIGradient color at the end to something like dark grey. And maybe make the button colors more light, instead of neon. That’s my opinion, though.


Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions! I’ll make changes!

That looks like a nice UI, but like another person said, it looks like a UI for like mostly all obbies, when I join obbies I mostly see that sort of UI. Good UI tho, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Something I’d say is never use a light yellow with a white text, as they don’t mesh well and aren’t easy on the eye.

You should also use the same text colour you’ve used on on the blue and green in order to retain consistency.