Feedback/Ops on my Latest Project

Here’s my latest and possibly best render I’ve produced to this day.
Need feedback on how to make it better. 2 sets of eyes will always infinitely be better than one.


The car almost looks like a toy with how large the grass and flowers are.


This looks good but maybe make the car blend into the background more as it sticks out a bit in my opinion.

The sky looks a bit fake in my opinion. Might be kind of cool if you make the sky gradient to resemble a sunset. Pretty good job though, keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

As @Crazedbrick1 stated, you need to make the flowers smaller

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flowrs and all are too big. the world also just ends after a point, make it look like it isn’t just a cube in a void. maybe put someone inside the car? also make it more touching the floor and a little rotated to the front so it looks like its moving. the lighting also definitely needs to be improved. car needs more reflection maybe and also subsurface material mighth elp

I mean everything is to scale but I guess you’re right.