Feedbacks on my game menu

I’m currently working on a horror game, but I’m working on the menu for now. I want feedback on the menu so I can improve it.

I changed the game from an apocalypse to a horror escaping game.


Welcome to the dev form I hope you having a wonderful stay
aww, that so awesome
I do really love the unique way of the menu and the originality that you just made and as well the background and the shadows around it, I will give it 10/10, to be honest

or nvm you just linked it


Thanks! I tried to make the menu background as realistic as I can. Thanks for feedback!


alright so first of all the rules don’t make sense because no hacking, glitching, is like that same but in a different way and no spamming I don’t get it? and respect the staff should be in a discord rule, not a game but I think you meant the admins and the developers which in that case could make sense and these 4 rules are a little bit because you didn’t describe each one of them perfectly and you can add one or two but at the same time it’s my opinion though.


second feedback which will be this one, to be honest you can just make it in line but using , or some sort making them not that farfrom each others but the credits is little smaller though, and like i said that my opinion

I should be more specific. (I seriously need to learn on how to use dev forum)

anyways for the last feedback, the gfx for the game, 50 percent loved it and here why, the image is cool and get the idea of it, the backround of it can be empty wich you can do the sky like darker and some rain affect and the shadows dosen’t even fit it

and if you want my help i can do that, am builder, if you want my help for bulding i can do it for free :slight_smile:

So on this, you think there a bit too far from each other?

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yeah to my point of view to be honest

Yes I need your help. I actually need a builder, I’ve been struggling on building lately.

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oh that cool am add you on Roblox but I can talk mostly in discord though
my discord is Helloits_us#8836 :slight_smile: