Feedback/Suggestions on this small map?

Hey everyone! I’m currently building/scripting a game and would like your opinions on this small map I made. I’m open to any and all suggestions and criticisms you have. The trees, building, cliffs and fences are all made by me on blender and everything was optimized by me and my friend with the addition of the realism mod.


Thank you all. :smiley:


It looks really good! I would suggest making different trees so that it wont look like you copy and paste, I would also suggest making some of the trees smaller and some bigger. Other than that its great, good job! :+1:

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Thanks for your suggestion! I will make sure to make a few more randomized models of trees so it will look better.

It looks pretty cute! I recommend that you try to change the trees color to different shades of a darker green so that it would make the trees a little more unique. This map looks like some sort of pathway to a tiny town or village imo.

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It looks good, everything is nicely and smooth done. When I first saw this images it reminded me on Mario Kart map to be honest. I would persionally add maybe holes or scars on the road to make it more realistic. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Looks very nice! As far as the trees go, definitely using different tree models spread throughout it would help as said before. Another tactic that could be used would be rotating, recoloring, and resizing some of the trees you have there already. This will give an illusion that they are different trees, but usually only works in sparse amounts. Definitely adding different kinds of trees would help. Great work, keep it up.

It’s very nice!
I think it lacks something important though. Vegetation. What I mean by this is, you’re using the same tree over and over. I suggest resizing the tree’s, big, medium, small, and adding flowers and bushes.

Overall, great work!

I really like it, I agree with everybody else on the trees, even a slight variety could do :wink:. but to add on, I feel like the bricks around the outside of the tunnel look a wee bit to big it would definitely look better if you shrunk them down a bit. Also, the fence around the path looks very strange with it being the same"<" shape over and over. Other than that, it looks far better than anything I can do!

Really nice map, however, I think you should use different trees, and make them of different height and/or size. You should also add bushes and rocks in the grassy area as it looks plain. Overall, a really nice build!

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The locations of the trees and other small details are well made so far.

However, I’d consider adding…

  • One medium or large sized area to be used as a lobby or main hall.
  • Several paths to the areas where trees are located. (Just so that they can explore around the environment)
  • One or two ponds for the detail.

I really like the idea of having ponds, thanks for the suggestion!