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About Me

Hey there, i’m Fewice! I have over 12 years of experience here on roblox, and have been building for the past 9 years. I currently head multiple projects and work on commissions from time to time. In total i’ve contributed to over 18M visits.


Commissions are currently closed.

Building Showcase

Seven Kingdoms

Medieval Tavern | August 2020

Castle Black | October 2020

Above is some of the work I completed for my time developing for the Seven Kingdoms group.

Lands of Citramaria

Eagles Sub-Divisional Base | July 2021

This is my work so far whilst building for Lands of Citramaria. Please note that I only handle the studio building, all 3D models and assets were provided by the Citramaria group and all credits go to sk3let0n, Fahdon and any previous developers for the group.




Prices are negotiable and vary depending on the project. My preferred payment method is through group payouts.


You can contact me here on DevForum or roblox messages.

Thanks for reading.


Hey there! Still taking commissions? If so, please add me on Discord since I can’t seem to add you - Evo#0128