[FIB3] Orange Hall

I made a hall which has some sort of reflections and I need opinions on what I should improve to make it better


Link: Not available because before posting had 12 and no dislikes and now 12 at 1.

Turn graphics to the max!


You could add more too it and expand it. The map looks very small in game.

Change the image that is outside the window cause it looks terrible or just put some basic looking bricks out there

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Looks good! I would add some detail such as a texture or decal to the orange wall as it looks quite bland. Overall, good work!

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The hallway looks amazing, beyond my talent. I would just say add a little more lighting and have a better view out the window. Also, if this is supposed to be a game, like a hangout game I would just say add some more details and some music. Other than that, looks amazing, keep up the work!:upside_down_face::+1:

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Thank you and for sure I will!

Yes I have to fix that. Thank you!

So far, you have an excellent grasp onto modern architecture. There are a few things missing, and perhaps one item does not match very well with the overall setting.

First of all, I would suggest hanging decorative items, such as portraits on the wall, including a couple more rugs on the floor.

The plants do not match with the overall appearance of the room. They appear to be too realistic, while the rest of the room is a bit less detailed. Since modern architecture does not require much texturing, I would change the texture of the plants. Try to use a generic Roblox grass texture for them.

Anyways, the overall work, lighting, and style of the architecture has a nice touch. Keep up the good work!

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Also maybe add some curtains or blinds to the windows as they look a bit abnormal.

It’s amazing! The image used outside is not so good. Maybe get an HD Skybox?

Try emphasizing and adding detail to your build, it would really help.