File hierarchies

So recently, I’ve been wanting to create a full fledged game. I’ve mostly only been doing small projects and experiments up until this point. One of the issues which I have been encountering while doing these is that all of my files such as scripts and models have been all over the place and as a result, I spend a lot of my time figuring out where everything is. In order to not have this happen, I require a sort of system to group the files into an appropriate category. So my question is this, what sort of file hierarchies do your game project files follow?

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If one of my scripts requires an asset or assets, I try to keep them under the script itself. Easy access, I know where it’s at. This isn’t that organized, I guess? I bet most developers have a folder or modulescript that tracks all assets in the game, but for me, this works fine.

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It’s really what works for you.

I like to group by object type with folders. Also in workspace, I’d make sure that each model is actually grouped. Then I’d folder by type (i.e. trees, buildings, road).

It’s really what makes sense to you and where you want to find things. Just make sure to always name things so it makes sense.

In terms of scripts and modules, would you group them with folders based on their functions, for example, having a folder for player data which contains managers and modules relating to that? Or would you have a folder dedicated to containing all the managers and one for modules?

Personally, if there are going to be a lot of functions each with their own ‘managers’ and modules then I’d do it by function, if there are that many I’d do it by ‘managers’ and then modules.

What you’re tying to do with the hierarchy is limit the amount of ‘searching’ you have to do.

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I like creating folders, in workspace for map and stuff like that, in replicated storage for things that client need like effects, and server storage for things that client dont need or only server need it. Soo basically my file hierarchies are like:


Map Folder
Assets and such.

Replicated Storage:


Server Storage:


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