FileMesh Invisible

So I am trying to build a new car for my game that uses meshes, unions and parts. I turned my mesh into a FileMesh so I could union the mesh to make grilles for my car. But when I inserted the URL for the mesh part it didnt show.

(left part: the original part as a meshpart
right part: the exported filemesh ((shown as the hitbox/outline because it was invisible))


Go to properties and make the transparency to 1.

Is it a Union or a MeshPart? Unions have a habit of disappearing occasionally while building.
And you can’t Union a Mesh.

its a union then i exported it as a mesh

Strange. I’d just retry exporting the left Union to make it a Mesh, then try placing your MeshPart and inserting your filemesh again to see if that changes anything.

Either it got denied, or the mesh has flipped verts. If it’s not your mesh it’s most likely not loaded yet. If it’s a union good luck, they break a lot