[Filled] LF UI designer for a lootbox system ($250)

I’m adding skins to Bloodfest in the form of lootboxes and I need someone to help design & create UI for it. I need this completed by March 19th. This will pay out $250.

Things I need:

  1. Lootbox window that includes an inventory page, crate purchase / opening page, skin trade-up page, and player to player trading page.
  2. Crate opening animation.
  3. Expertise in creating an easy to navigate layout.

PM me with examples of your work!

I am interested in creating the graphics themselves, programming them is a different story sadly.

No programming needed.

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Cool! I’ll send over my portfolio.

I’m not interested, but I am curious about what LF stands for? Was it meant to be FL for free lance? I’ve never heard someone use it like that, so I’m pretty curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It means “Looking For”. :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm, that sounds like a pretty good offer… Maybe…

Still accepting applicants

Sending my portfolio.

Still open through the weekend

Is this still open?

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