[FILLED R$1,500 Payment] ForestlyDevs Hiring Animator

ForestlyDevs is Hiring an Animator

[R$1,500 Payment]

(Employment Opportunity)


Here at ForestlyDevs we deliver the best Roblox games while valuing the opinion of the community. At ForestlyDevs we strive to please our growing community of players each and every day. No matter who you are, there is a spot for you here in the welcoming community of ForestlyDevs!

We believe in and empower innovation and creation. We are a professional studio looking to hire professional developers to work on our new projects. We value efficiency, maturity, and communication.

Some of our links:

Project 1: Sandbox Tycoon Game

Game Information

ForestlyDevs is hiring a developer for a new and unique real-time strategy sandbox game that will be released to Roblox soon.

Job Overview

In need of a skilled animator with experience with SFX/VFX to create unique in-game moments and add to the overall experience.

ForestlyDevs is looking for an experienced animator who also has a good knowledge of SFX/VFX in order to create unique animations (characters and parts) and effects for our game. The animator must be able to either use Blender for animations and successfully implement them themselves or use any Roblox plugin animators in order to create them. Pay will be generous for the work done.


  • A lot of Experience with creating smooth character animations.
  • Advanced knowledge in animating models and parts (ex. Building idle anims)
  • Great knowledge of roblox’s particle emitters or other methods of creating SFX.
  • Able to be active everyday and complete tasks on time.
  • Must have an advanced knowledge of animations and game animating overall.

You must meet all these requirements to apply!

We are looking for a developer who is fast, reliable, and will give us constant updates.


We will be paying via group funds - R$1,500. If you’d like a more prompt payment, via gamepass or tshirt, then it will be R$900.

How To Apply

Must be 13+ to apply. Must be active on discord.

Just follow these simple steps: Click me!
  1. Send Robjective#5868 a friend request
  2. Join our Discord Server: ForestlyDevs [UNDER REVAMP]
  3. Make a ticket from the “hiring-info” channel
  4. You will be given further instructions in a new channel. Look for a new mention! Make sure to follow the instructions there!
  5. If you’d like to know more about the products that will need to be created, ask now in your newly created ticket.
  6. Wait for a response! Good luck!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Please specify which project you’d like to apply for when applying. “Sandbox Tycoon Game”

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