Filling in an entire area

*1: What are you attempting to achieve?

Attempting to get some ideas as I can’t think of any.

*2: What is the issue?

The plan was to fill in an area in my game that is very/pretty empty, you can see this in the images below

this is the area that needs filling (below)

to start off, a road will be build here

then the road turns

now this is where your ideas come into play.

it could be anything that you can do in the area ,for example, (shakepark as in carpark) or a (small race track) Etc./the list goes on.

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In a modern real-life city, there would be a road going through the middle of areas like that, so that more buildings can be built on either side of the road. That land is very valuable in cities, due to a lack of space, compared to how many people want to make use of that space. In very old cities, that space was sometimes reserved for courtyards though, and community things would be built there, as well as it being a space for families to relax, like our modern concept of “yards/lawns” but more like a communal yard.

Nice idea but, this game isn’t really about a realism city really, it’s more of a car game. Looking for ideas like some parking lot (not really gonna put a parking lot in that area). Or maybe some pond area, stuff like that.

but the road idea might do actually. I’m just gonna wait until more ideas pop in here before doing the road idea.

The same blocks
Your houses are made from single cubes, so tbh quality is inessential for you anyways

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