Filter is broken for game titles/game descriptions (previously unfiltered text gets hashtagged after updating)


So apparantly something seems to have changed with the filter for game descriptions and game titles lately. A few minutes ago I decided to fix a typo in in the description of one of my games, and suddenly lots of text that wasn’t censored before got hashtagged:

Even the name the name of the game (Car Crushers 2) gets censored because it has “2” in it. I only changed one letter when I fixed the typo, and if I try to change it back to what it was it is still hashtagged.

Here is what the description looked like before I updated it:

Please try to fix this as soon as possible, it is making my game description completely unreadable and people can’t see the name of the game properly. The last time I updated the description was yesterday morning, so the problem must have come up after that.


The issue is currently being addressed as mentioned here.