Filtering thread being made public

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to help players with their filtered character names becoming unfiltered, as I am the only one with access to the thread to get the names white-listed. A full discussion about the issue on filtering can be found in this thread (How is the text filtering going to evolve for character names?)

My players have many complaints about their character names being filtered out. This breaks immersion and limits creativity. More about this can be found on the aforementioned thread.

EDIT: The filtering thread referred to in the title is this one


That’s not possible, because:

  • The procedure is not intended for that kind of scale. The only reason it can exist in the way it does, is due to its limited exposure to devforum members only.
  • It would be too heavy on forum moderation if anyone is allowed to post there. They would wait until forum staff is offline and start posting inappropriate content there. It’d be really vulnerable to abuse.
  • It would attract low-quality responses and many duplicate responses that way due to the high response volume.
  • It would need to be in its own, new forum category, so that non-devforum members can post there and only there. This is pretty bad organization-wise.

As was suggested to you in the other thread, it’s better that you compile a list of names or parts of names, and allow your players to choose from these terms to create their name. That way, it doesn’t need to be filtered.

PS: This is the wrong forum category. Please move it to Inception Forum if you have the chance. It’s not a feature request for the client/engine.


Not to mention upcoming devs can’t even see that thread.

That is intended, Moderation Review Requests can only be seen by full members.