Final RDC Thoughts

Although unable to go this year, I’ve heard that RDC was an amazing time. We at the unofficial Roblox Wikia would like to collect your feedback and display them publicly in the form of a quote, permanently displayed on a page. This page will be locked so that your messages cannot be modified by other editors. If interested, reply with the following…

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Yeah, I don’t want my quote on the page (mostly because it’s going to be quite long).

RDC was actually much more fun than I thought it was going to be. Met a lot of friends I’ve been talking to on Discord/Roblox for the first time in real life and also got to see a lot of other developers and meet random people I’ve hired/been hired by in the past.

But I guess the biggest thing about RDC was that it provided me with a huge motivational boost and gave me a huge push towards a career in the gaming industry. After attending this, I really want to go into game design as a career, whether that be for Roblox or another game, whereas before RDC I was kinda on the edge about going for a straight up Computer Science/AI career vs Game Design.

Anyways, I really wish RDC was longer or that all the people I met lived closer, because I’m sure it would be a lot of fun if everyone was in one area. :smiley:


This year was my first RDC ever. I’ve been a long term developer but finally met the community.

2-3 sentence closing thoughts:

I went to meet others passionate about the platform. Several of the top Roblox staff was there and took the initiative to meet the developers and listen to feedback. The conference was a great opportunity to get a bit more connected with the company and the community.

Extended closing thoughts:

I went with the intention to make some friends with common interests, and that wasn’t hard since everyone is passionate about Roblox. I didn’t expect much other than that. But I ended up learning way more than I expected. Roblox really cares about the community of developers.

They treated us like royalty. Amazing meals and food throughout the entire event. Like at any moment if I felt the slightest bit hungry there was a snack stand or meal being served. Not only that but they give away cool things too. The hotel they host the event at can’t be any better. It’s right next to the airport, right next to HQ, and all the social spaces are perfect for the event.

During the social it seemed like everyone had a chance to meet the big staff at Roblox including the CEO and the engineers who make it happen. Which is super cool if your interested in interning or getting more involved with the company. They listen to whatever feedback you have to offer and take it seriously.

The breakout sessions are also great ways to learn. Not only do you get to hear the latest and greatest but you can also provide questions and concerns. I feel like my development is going to be way greater after attending.


Added. Thank you!


Went to SF.

As a first year RDC attendee, it’s been absolutely incredible to meet the wider ROBLOX community and staff driving the platform forwards. Meeting others passionate in the platform has allowed me to expand my horizons and inspired me in ways I didn’t think was possible.

if I get to be funny:
Was left in a state of shellshock because Gusmanak asked me who I was. Managed to make Builderman dab for the camera. All in all 10/10 success would do again


My first RDC experience was amazing and will hold a special place in my heart

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