Finally finished my core startup!

My build of the fusion core startup for TEStYOS Inc. Orbital Station is complete! I would love feedback on how to make a slightly better design too. Also, bear in mind that this is my first ever core build. Thanks for having a look!

Download if it isn’t loaded.robloxapp-20201015-1854199.wmv (8.3 MB)


I think that Particles coming from the lasers come out too fast.

When the white laser appears, the Particles come out too fast, they just seem to appear instead of coming out of the core.

This problem is at 0:31 of the Google Drive Video.

The transfer from white to red is really good, though.

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Yes, I see your point. What shall I alter it to? image

Well, I don’t think I know exactly.

Maybe if the SpreadAngle goes up by units all the way to 180,180, then it’ll spread slower when appearing

And maybe the Rate can go up in units all the way to 300, making it appear slower at first.

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So tween the rates? Low to high?

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Yes, low to high, low being 0, high being the amount they are in this picture:

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But i’m getting the error where it can’t cast it to the Dictionary. Don’t know what I am doing wrong…

At line 51, you’re defining another item inside the tween “properties” table, which doesn’t explain which property.
SpreadAngle is a NumberRange type property, so do this:

SpreadAngle =, 180)

I love it! I feel like the startup was a little out of synch with the music but other than that It was good!

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Can’t sync it up better enough, thanks though!

Lemme try Vector2 then…

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Oh, my bad. Lifetime, RotSpeed and Rotation is NumberRange, SpreadAngle is Vector2. Got these types mixed up. :frowning:

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Thanks! It worked.
@Aeventy The change in spread doesn’t look that good. I’ll just change it to speed for now.
^^^ Nvm, cant tween speed lol

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