Find Beam Ovular Curve Size By Radius

I am trying to get the CurveSize1 of 2 beams based on the X position difference from their attachments. Here’s a visual of my goal (let r be the difference in position from attachment a,b from attachment c, and let n be the CurveSize1 of both beams):

I am clueless how I would go about calculating this, or even how the CurveSize1 is measured and rendered.

Please reply if you are aware of any formulas or solutions.

Hello, so CurveSize1’s use Bézier curves, and the roblox documentation states they use specifically cubic Bézier curves.

This means you could likely look up some formulas for this stuff, I am not sure if I am allowed to link external sites such as youtube though, otherwise I would go looking for a solid tutorial.

Hopefully this helps!

P.S. it looks like the CurveSize1 is a control point that is defined by its distance from the attachment in the negative X direction of that attachment. So it sounds like it might be a position value, still looking at the documentation though. This problem seems like it has heavy math potential.