Find the Beans Update Log

Find the Beans Update Log

Update 14/08/22

  • Added Phase 1 of the mines
  • Added Monkey Bean (no badge)
  • Added Archer Bean (no badge)
  • Finished most of the forest
    Notice: there will be reduced updates in the next three weeks due to most CSR Staff being on holiday.

Update 07/08/22

  • Added beach to public servers
  • Added coconut bean
  • Added snorkel bean (No current obtainable badge - coming later
  • Added minor badge support (For select beans)
  • Added a PC Free Cam (Shift+P to activate/disactivate)
  • Removed the nametag that would glitch the GUI
  • Further bug fixes

Update 15/07/22

  • Added Teacher Bean homework??
  • Fixed the nametag bug
  • Bug fixes

Update 11/07/22

  • Added Beans in a Pan
  • Added Intro to game
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated models
  • More game pics???

More updates coming soon!