Find the Domos: Remastered [ Changelogs ]

This changelog will only contain major-update logs. More recent updates are further down.
Version 1.0r [09/12/2023]

  • Added the Crystal Caverns
  • Added Miner Domo
  • Added Coal Domo
  • Added Crystal Domo
  • Added Dynamite Domo
  • Added Sus Domo
  • Added Spamaton Domo
  • Added Butterfly Domo
  • Added Apple Domo
  • Added Black & White Domo
  • Added Tall Domo
  • Added Obsidian Domo
  • Added Unicorn Domo
  • Added Party Domo
  • Added Ivy Domo
  • Added n̸̓̚ ̴̈́͊ ̸̜͌ ̴̎͝ ̷͌͘ ̸͉́ ̴̕ �
  • Added the Old Man
  • Added an Ivy doll behind the Waterfall
  • Added a Feedback option, replacing the old Quest button in the menu.
  • Changed Mason Domo’s texture
  • Changed Bubble Domo’s bubble textures
  • That scam artist of an apple dealer seems to have a new item in stock…
  • Set all grass can collide false. No more getting stuck on grass
  • Fixed a glitch with saving where it would clear a user’s Domo if they left when not all have loaded
  • The Domo Radar and Apple no longer break when resetting stats
  • Night time length has been raised by 30 seconds.
  • Domobook Background should no longer break when viewing domos you don’t have
  • All proximity prompts have had their holding timers set to 0.5
  • Domo Description now scales when it overflows off the screen
  • Re-added the Blizzard text

Update 1.0.9-25KCelebration [09/19/2023]

  • Confetti is now raining from the sky.
  • Golden Clouds are always active.
  • All players are given Heart Balloons, which act as essentially a weak Gravity Coil.
  • All players are also given a Sparkler.
  • All players are now wearing a Party Hat.
  • There is a prompt that greets the player and gives them a gift!
  • This update is active until 09/23/2023

Version 1.1.0r [09/23/2023]

  • Added Glitchy Domo
  • Added Scary Domo
  • Added Melted Domo
  • Added Doge Domo
  • Added Pixel Domo
  • Added Prehistoric Domo
  • Added Ancient Domo
  • Added Nyan Domo
  • Added Sign Domo
  • Added Military Domo
  • Added a Ruby Coin, granting 250 coins upon collection.
  • Domos now have ratings and are now ranked based on difficulty. Higher ranked domos give more coins.
  • A badge button has been added in the Domobook. Click on an entry, then click the trophy in the corner of the icon and the game will attempt to give you the badge for the domo in the event you didn’t get it when the domo was collected.
  • All non one-time-use bought items now save, but have had their costs raised due to inflation.
  • Gave butterfly domo a description.
  • A golden key has appeared in the castle… :key:
  • Gave Apple Domo and Butterfly Domo proper backgrounds in the Domobook.
  • Added a background to Cave domos.
  • Coins now despawn after 5 minutes, allowing for new coins to take their place.
  • Players are now clowned in server chat for buying an apple. :clown:
  • Another island has risen from the ocean, featuring a Wizard Tower.
  • Golden Clouds now have text again when they initially trigger.
  • Slightly altered Earth Domo’s dialogue.
  • Redesigned parts of the Forest.
  • Hopefully resolves an issue with gaining multiple prompts (and multiple coins) from collecting one domo. Sorry, guys.
  • Changed Domo-Counter UI colors to be brighter.
  • Domo Counters are now handled with a .Changed event instead of a while loop, slightly increasing performance.
  • Sprinting no longer triggers when the player presses SHIFT when typing.
  • Fixed the “title screen.”
  • Slightly raised Tall Domo’s walls.
  • Players can now exit the mines.
  • Stairs have been added around the map.
  • Speedrun Timers have been added to the Misc Menu.
  • Hopefully fixed a character desync.
  • Buffed the Domo Radar again to now fire instantly upon equip.
  • Squashed many bugs.

1.1.1r [09/25/2023]

  • Added a loading screen.
  • Added framework for worlds.
  • Fixed “Teleport to Party Room” button.

1.1.1r-a [09/25/2023]

  • Fixed Star Fragments sometimes spawning in stairs.
  • Players can no longer move while Unicorn Domo’s cutscene is going on.
  • Slightly adjusted the Menu UI Colors.

1.1.1r-b [09/25/2023]

  • Fixed Boats not spawning correctly.

1.1.1r-c [09/28/2023]

  • Fixed a glitch with the Snow Biome overriding other biomes.

1.1.2r [09/28/2023]

  • Added the 12 Hour Badge
  • Playtime is now displayed in the Misc Menu.
  • The green button on the Server Version screen now flashes to hint towards Pixel Domo.

Update 1.1.3r [09/29/2023]

  • Added Short Domo
  • Added the ability to crouch by holding “C”, allowing the player to reach lower areas while lowering the player’s speed and jump height.
  • Fixed Military Domo needing players to talk in full caps.

1.1.4 [10/1/2023] Happy october, everyone!

  • Enabled Voice Chat.
  • Fixed a glitch with field of view resetting when sprinting.

Update 1.1.6r [12/22/2023]
• Added global chat between worlds
• Added Baller Domo
• Added Mushroom Domo
• Added Present Domo
• The ocean and its contents have been increased in size
• Coral Domo rarity has been raised to 4 stars
• Lighting tweaks have been made to various sources of light
• Christmas season has been released upon the island! :candy:
• Fixed various bugs
• A new room has appeared in the caves…
• The Apple Merchant has something new in store…

1.1.7rVeryYesMuchWowUpate:D [4/1/2024]
• oh yeah theres also studs everywhere now
• idk man its april fools`

Update 1.1.8r [6/18/2024]
• Time Clocks now spawn during time trial! At exactly 6:00 minutes and 3:00 minutes, a time clock will spawn around the map. Collect it to gain an extra 1:30 on your time.
• Speaking of Time Trial, the event has become a lot more fleshed out and complete, even having a new micro-zone dedicated to it, aswell as a starting spot. Grahmn’s dialogue has been updated.
• Remade the Domo Bestiary, now called the Domodex! Increased loading speed and better organization allows for this version of the book to more optimized and secure for gameplay. The domodex also now comes with a “time-trial-mode” and records dates when a domo is first discovered. If a domo was discovered before the update, it’s date will simply display as unknown.
• Domos and Badges can now be equipped by pressing “Equip” in the Domodex. This will display under your counter.
• Non-domo badges (such as Scammed, Lost at Sea, or null) now appear in the Domodex under the Special Tab and will award coins when obtained.
• For those who already have these badges, use the Badge Assistance to get the in-game credit for the badge.
• Updated Splash Texts
• Updated Time Trial Badge icons and removed the 10% badge.
• Removed the Invite button from the Sidebar Menu.
• Special Badges now display their descriptions even if they haven’t been collected yet.
• Touched up the interior of the house.
• Text now types slightly faster and theres less delay on skipping text.
• Added Princess Domo! Her quest unlocks upon discovering 35 domos.
• Added Farmer Domo. Talk to him and complete his quest to gain his badge.
• Added Cow Domo.
• Added Star Domo.
• Updated Baller Domo’s description.
• Changed all buttons to use ProximityPrompts instead of ClickDetectors. This means all buttons should now work with gear.
• Lemonade now gives its effects the second you start drinking it instead of when it’s done being drunk.
• Players can now buy lemonade in bulk at Yellow Domo’s Lemonade Stand in stacks of 5, 10, and 25.
• Boats have been rebalanced, having their max speed doubled with now requiring you to accelerate. The looks have also been updated.
• Fixed dialogue scaling on mobile. (That means you all should actually be able to read it now!
• Fixed Sun Trial not resetting when starting Time Trial. Sorry, guys.