Finding the top 5 values of a table

So I am making a pet system where I can press a equip best button and the script will find the best 5 pets I have and equip them. This is the code I have

	local pets = Player.Pets:GetChildren()
	table.sort(pets, function(pet1, pet2)
		local average1 = (pet1.Multiplier1.Value + pet1.Multiplier2.Value) / 2 
		local average2 = (pet2.Multiplier1.Value + pet2.Multiplier2.Value) / 2 
		return average1 > average2 

Right now all this does is take all the pets the player has and puts them in a table then sorts them highest value to least value. Now what I want to do is figure out how I can equip only the top 5. So I guess if someone can help me figure out how to like lets say print the first 5 values that would be very helpful.

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-- after sorting
if #pets == 0 then
    return print'You have no pets'

for i = 1, math.min(#pets, 5) do -- clamp i (in case you have less than 5 pets)
    local pet = pets[i] -- get pet by index, assuming 1 being the best pet, 2 being the 2nd best, etc.

Ok then lets say that I wanted to do something specific to each one how do you think i would do that. Like lets say each pet was a part and I wanted to change the brickcolor of the first one to black and second to white etc…

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You could make a table of colors and then match the pet index to the color index