Finding Your Strong Suit In Animation

Hello Animators of Roblox, I have some tips for you if you’re getting into Roblox animation or any Roblox related type of animation.

 If you're ready to read pages and pages of writing and horrible grammar.

i have videos at the bottom of this page to help you with figuring out the animation editors if you're confused

Finding Your Strong Suit

First of all, you need to basics if you’re a new animator you probably don’t know any kind of animation software for Roblox or plugins. I use a Roblox studio plugin called, “Moon Animator” but you can go with anything you want.

I don’t know why I’m explaining this but I am, so another thing there’s Roblox plugins and programs???
Ok anyways the plugins mean you’re animating on Roblox, programs mean you’re animating on other platforms so the UI or (User Interface) like the buttons will be different.

I’m pretty sure or I don’t exactly know, but the options are very few for each category. For the Roblox plugins side, there’s only 4-2 technically.

If a plugin has this symbol beside its names it means its customizable (#)

  • Roblox Animation Editor: This plugin was made by Roblox themselves, but this is more eye-blinding cause you can’t change the theme color
    ~- this comes with roblox studio when you download it

Finding Your Strong Suit: Chapter 2

Heres some program (s) you can you use but not really

  • Movie Star Animator: I’ve heard of a program called Movie Star Animator I’m not sure what its called lol but uh idk just go with something else THE ONLY OTHER OPTION sorry I couldn’t find any others

  • Blender: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS, I’ve used it and it’s literally so good as if you have Roblox, but like 5x the realism — if you’re a beginner its hard to start out. I’m not saying that cause the animating is hard it’s just the menus are confusing just ignore everything and scroll down to the bottom where I’ve posted videos
    It's free on steam if you have it

I counted the time for those 2 chapters It took to write it (2 HOURS BRUH)

Beginning In Animation

For famous animators, a lot of time what happens is people are like, “omg you’re so good!”
Maybe this might be true, but what I do is I try to think that I’m below everyone like I’m just bad at animation when anyone says I’m good I say I’m trash.

  • it allows me to get more motivation and think I need to get better at animating this may work not always there are different ways to getting the motivation you need to continue animating.

Try to never do animation for anyone who does shady stuff like if they have a new discord account and they're called "i need an animator". More or less that's a scam just plain and simple

Making a name for yourself in the community

Try to do something different something that people will recognize you for. Heres an examples of this, “Hey that’s Player!” “Doesn’t he do those cool special punching moves?!” Player50 says, “Yeah want to go ask how he got so good?”

I can not stress how much making a name for yourself is so so so so so so important.

people will trust you WAY more and hire you more because they think you’re good and have done 1 million animations for others.

‘bro like making a name is life and death you’ll make over like 10x the amount of Robux you do’

think of people like Kitsun, or Kenami. at least since I’ve seen their work I know who they are but some new animators might not.

Have an inspiration that one of the most important words like ever.
plus having someone you admire

Animation Tips For New & “Good” Animators

    1. i 'explain this more below at the bottom'

What is good is to think about doing is look up something like maybe a youtube video about someone swinging a sword or katana then try to replicate it to get a feel of realism.
Personally, there’s another thing you can do but I like this one better, you can do them in real life and keep repeating them if you need to see it again this helps get a feel on all sides and angles of what your animation will be doing

In moon animation, there are things called easing styles and easing direction
Easing Styes - there’s out, in, out in, and in-out these 4 easing styles change the velocity of the animations

! means you are right there in the timeline anyways,

Ok so aside from the 2nd bullet point, there are other things other than uh easing directions.
so like there’s easing styles, essentially these change the and the time they take to move like for example an easing style is back.

so this is your timeline - <>------<>----------------<>

This style basically goes over/below the box, if an arm is just idle on the first point at the beginning then on the second point it goes left 90 degrees. <>------<!>----------------<> For the 3rd point, you would have to go rotate right 90 degrees so it’s sideways. On the second point if we put on the back easing style it would make it go 95 degrees left over the so 90 + 5 degrees so that would take up like 5 frames so on the timeline you would be here


Then it would speed up the last part when it plays because it took some time to go over the limit at the second point.

Finale: Having references


some ways to find references are...

  • real-life videos for references

Using videos is a really good technique, it will make you really detailed with animation if you do it a lot, so watch every single frame of the video.

  • Another way to reference

You can also do stuff with your body in real-life like throwing a punch, for example, a kick, or a combo I don’t know it’s cringy but yes you can.

I’ve tried it before and personally, I don’t like it too much but that’s just like normal I guess for some people I meant a lot of people don’t like stuff.


this is horrible writing i know

Okay good now you’re ready for animating and done with this.

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                  Thanks for reading this even though my grammar is terrible, no joke. Also, another tip is to stay positive don’t just quit because you aren’t good cause it takes practice.


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                  I’m still not even not a god even though I spent like 3-2 years on this so just have fun with it.

Hope you had a wonderful day reading this and goodbye :wave: