Finished a cave

there will be an actual lounge behind the door but I want some feedback on the actual cave part


1.I would make very deep and dark abyss under the bridge
2.I would also make your cave more spacious
3.add stalactites or maybe some neon plants (depends on game style)

Really impressive!

Though I wish there were more to this mysterious cave but good job anyway :+1:

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there will be, im trying to make some kind of underground facility and i just wanted feedback for the cave portion of it since i haven never made anything like it before.

  1. I would recommend you try and stop any outside lighting light up the cave so it’s only lit using lights from inside (while it shows up the rock shapes nicely, it doesn’t feel as real because you can’t see where that light that highlights the rock edges is coming from).
  2. Add some cave echo sounds to give it some atmosphere.
  3. Put a barrier in to stop the camera from being able to slightly go into the “dark” parts where the cave fades to black.

Other than that, awesome work, really has a nice feel to it.

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