Finished this realistic interior! what do you think?

hi, I am Ntomic, I have been building since October last year, and have finally (almost) mastered realism. I created this quite a while ago but have just recently found out about the “cool creations” topic and thought I would share it with all you other enthusiastic builders and devforumers.

a link to the game is here → mountain-side house - Roblox

here are the top images of my creation, feedback is much appreciated.

I used Blender for about 90% of the assets but the overall walls floor and windows all were created in Studio, and the textures are all from various websites.

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feel free to ask any questions about my creation.

yours sincerely,
Ntomic :grinning:


Amazing work!
Love the details and lights.
Keep up the good work :smiley:

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that is absolutely amazing !
my computer would probably burn trying to load this lol

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