Fire Effects decrease performance as Particle Emitters?

I would like to know what would be better: Particle Emitters with low rates, or just Fire. Given that there will be a lot because it is a burning building.

In my game you can set the fire to be simple, normal and detailed, and the normal is just fire, detailed is fire with particles and smoke, and I’m not sure what could be the simple fire.

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ParticleEmitters are automatically adjusted to emit less particles on lower graphics qualities given that you aren’t emitting the particles using ParticleEmitter:Emit()


The last I heard, the Fire object is weird in that it’s worse on performance than a Particle Emitter in many situations. Not sure if that’s still true, however.

For all of my purposes, I’ve always used Particle Emitters because I have vastly more control over the textures, properties, and values.