Fire Force 8 Cathedral FEEDBACK Appreciated

Hey guys, may I have some feedback on the cathedral I made? It’s meant to look a bit like the one from fire force 8. It took me a week to make.

Thanks guys! I would like to know how to improve so please reply!


It looks great but the first image try turning your graphics up so we can see all visible parts

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Great castle it is a very realistic castle design. Try to remove the color pink from the castle and replace it with white instead. I rate it a 7.3/10

And actually, don’t do 5 moons on your poll :sweat_smile: Trying to correct you hehe. Do 5 stars.

Keep up with the good work! :tada:

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Hey, your build looks coloful, bright, and full of detail but I feel like it’s a little too busy. The sides back, and roof of the building also need work.
If you’re trying to make it look like this:

Cathedral Image


The “8” symbol and it’s corresponding tank should also be enlarged and moved forward. Try adding a cross on top of the cathedral. I would also add bricks or some sort of indication of erosion like in the example image.

I’m not sure if I can help you with detailing the sides and back, as I haven’t found any reference images online. I have found this image, though:

Back of "8" tower


So possibly make the back of the “8” tower resemble the image above.
Anyways, hope this helped :smiley:


You should remove the ranking poll as I think it may violate this rule :grimacing:

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Hey @Macawmangrovve12, could u describe a bit more how I can improve it?

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