:FireAllClients not working in some scenarios

I want to use :FireAllClients of a remote to fire a remote to each client and from there I’ll produce effects for every client to see. To accomplish this, I created a remote and I accessed it in a Script in ServerScriptService. Example:

    -- above is just a snippet example of the code obviously

This didn’t work for some reason so I tried testing this out in a different script where I fired the same remote and that time around the local script picked up the signal and gave indication that the remote was fired. I’m not sure why :FireAllClients worked in that scenario but not in the former situation. Any help is appreciated!

What I have tried: I’ve tried firing the remote in different parts of the former script(the script that the fire all clients wasn’t working in) to see if the location was the problem. I debugged to make sure the function was being reached to fire all clients and I found that the function was being reached. I’ve tried firing a different remote from that same script using :FireAllClients and the same issue came up of the remote not functioning.