FireBurger | Training Guide

This training guide is for MR+, on what to do during a training session and some general information all staff should be aware of.

Host will assign 3 groups, A,B,C (this can be a mix of all ranks (trainee, junior cashier, cashier, senior cashier))

Once everybody has a group, and the training scheduled time has come, please slock the server and announce on the group wall that you did so. Also, make sure each group has 2 trainers, a trainer and an assistant.



Welcome to FireBurger Trainings! I am ___ and this is my co host, ___. Before we begin our trainings, we will go over some important rules to always follow.

:sm [I] Respect everybody at all times.

:sm [II] Use grammar at all times.

:sm [III] You will have 3 Strikes, if you make 3 mistakes it will be a new automatic fail.

:sm Crashed? No problem. Your trainer will unslock the server for you for 15 seconds.

:sm Need to go AFK? Inform your trainer before you do so, if you go over 2 minutes you will be kicked.

:sm If you fail, do not panic! Just attend another training.

:sm This concludes the rules, if you fail to comply with these rules you could be kicked/demoted from the server or group!

:sm Your trainer will now teleport you to your station, please patient.


Here are all informations regarding the section and trainings

There are 3 sections in the trainings.

No need to do them in order.

Give trainees 3 orders to complete, they may use the cookbook posted in the group description. Please ask each trainee to show you the order.

Ask them to create a proper greeting to say as a normal customer approaches them, check each trainee individually.

Dress up as a troller, and tell Trainees to do as they would (greeting, warnings etc) You can then troll each one of the trainees (reminder, they should give 3 warnings then call a MR+.

Trainee: Gets 3 strikes, fail on fourth.

Junior cashier: Gets 2 Strikes,fails on third.

Cashier: Gets 1 strike, fails on second.

Senior cashier: Gets no strikes,fails if does a mistake.

Questions? Ask a HR!