Firefly Dance Academy Handbook

Firefly Dance Academy Official Handbook

“Shine Bright Like a Firefly”

Established 6/16/20

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Firefly Dance Academy is a Roblox Dance Company that specializes in all styles of dance. We offer a variety of classes such as: Dance, Cheerleading, Swimming, Gymnastics. And even Iceskating! Here at Firefly we are based around modern updated styles of dance that combine both fun and professionalism to give you the best combination of fun and enjoyment. This is done by using top of the line animations in combination with our professional highly trained staff members.

Dancer Rank Guide

We offer several levels here at Firefly that can be broken down in the following 3 ways:

Recreational Level: This levels consist of “Glowworm dancers” to our “Golden Sparkler Dances.” Dancers at this level are mainly beginner to intermediate dancers who wish to seek training in an easy flexible class environment.

Development + Pre-team level: Dancers at this stage are those who wish to attend classes but are available to fill in for our competitive team if needed. These dancers will also be included as focus dancers in showcases as well.
Invitation Only

Competitive Teams: Our competition team is broken into three sub categories:

-Spark-flies, our starter competition team. For those who are new to competing or to the team aspect of dance but show exemplary skill and talent along with the room to grow.

-Moon Bugs, our more intermediate competition team. For those who has exceeded the skill requirement for Spark-flies and are comfortable competing.

-Fire Devils, this is our final competition team. Dancers at this level are not only veterans to the dance scene but have completed all skill level requirements and show both leadership, and responsibility.
Invitation Only

Captains: Each individual level (Recreational, Development, and Competitive) have a captain. These dancers are hand chosen by HRs. Captains are used as resources for dancers in each level. They can be used to answer questions, guide dancer, be used for showing examples in class. Captains are active and well known in the community.

Staff Related Inquiry

There are 2 ways to apply for staff either by: Attending interviews when announced, or filling out in application on our Discord- open 24/7 and checked every 1-2 weeks. Any other questions can be messaged to anyone in our staff department!

Code of Conduct


Clothing is to be worn at all times in all Firefly places. This also goes for overly inappropriate or revealing clothes as well, If your not clothed properly you will be asked to change, however if you fail to comply higher action will be taken.


Here at Firefly we follow a simple 3 warnings and then kick policy. We will politely ask you to stop 3 times before we kick you. However if you come back and continue to troll you will be temporarily banned.


Exploiting and hacking on Firefly premises is strictly forbidden and will result in an automatic ban. If you’d like to appeal you will have to message an HR directly for the application.

Alliance Guide


  1. Must be professional about ALL ALLY EVENTS AND ETC.

  2. Must not EVER post or talk about anything about or dancers, our staff, our clothes, etc.

  3. Must have atleast 600+ members. (No Bots)

  4. Must abide by both studios rules when together or in our discord servers.

  5. Must never sabotage or hurt our reputation in any way, same goes for us to you.

  6. Must atleast TRY to attend any events that we hold, same goes for us.

  7. Must be organized and professional.

  8. Must have a good and professional group logo.

  9. Must have a DISCORD server with 200 people.

  10. Must be dance, gymnastics, cheerleading related! (Some exceptions).

  11. Must not have anything stolen, this includes but is not limited to: Games, Ranks, Logos, Thumbnails, etc.

  12. Are active both in group and Discord.

  13. Offer alliance announcements, this works both ways.

  14. Must be able to provide 1-2 representatives!

However some leniency may be shown depending on the situation

Available on our Discord! Will be checked every 1-2 weeks, make sure you do not change your Discord tag.

Application Information + Tips

All applications are available on our Discord and are checked every 1-2 weeks depending on the application! This includes staff, competitive team, and alliance applications!

Firefly Application Tips!


- Don’t ask for apps to be read or hint at them “did my app go though” etc. It decreases your chances of being picked. Read our rules and see who handle each department if you do need to ask a question. Not all staff have the same department. (Ex: don’t ask someone who handles Events about our competition team etc.)

Competition Team:

  1. Showcase backpack knowledge, if none are shown chances are we will decline you.

  2. Showcase combo that use both moves + tumbling tools. (Ex: Back handspring + Backflip (Tumbling Tools).

  3. Don’t use the same moves over and over again.

  4. Phone users would have a hard time keeping up with choreography and are usually declined.

Staff Applications:

  1. Make sure to write lots of sentences (4+ sentences).

  2. Make sure to be very descriptive.

  3. Sit in on classes first before you just apply, it shows when you haven’t.

… more will be added soon.

Other Links

V6 Studio
Practice Studio
Sports Center
Minigame Center

Thank you for reading! Any other questions can be messaged to one of our HRs! Secondly make sure you join the group along with the Discord under “Social Links.”

Brifever_backup, Owner of Firefly Dance Academy