FireServer can only be called from the client error

So i’m trying to make a script that when you use a tool in a specific part, it gives you money, but it says “FireServer can only be called from the client”

This is the script:

This is the event that gives the player the “money”

Because you can only FireServer from a local script AKA client.


RemoteEvents are used for Client-Server connection. In order to send data between same type of scripts you need to use BindableEvents.


But when I use a local script nothing happens, even the error message

the “v” in “value” should be in capital letter
player.leaderstats.Components.Value = player.leaderstats.Components.Value +1

As Ben said, you should probably use a bindable event for that.
Remote events can be fired from client, meaning people can give themselves infinite money utilizing any form of exploit inside your game.

LocalScripts don’t run in workspace, that might be your other issue

Remote events only work from server to client or client to server. You should use a bindable event