Firing Remote Events Back-To-Back Latency?

How come clients receive late noticeably late signals when firing remote events back to back from the server?

For example:
RemoteEvent:FireClient(Player,…) --fire client to do one thing
–some lines (there is no delay such as “wait()” or anything in these lines)
RemoteEvent:FireClient(Player,…) --fire client to do another thing

I notice a delay between receiving these two client events, even where there’s no delay between firing them on the server.

Any fix for this?

Maybe try firing a different event, or firing it only once but setting the data you send to include both the first and last result.

If there’s no delay, now that I think about it, why not just fire it once after doing stuff?

Bc one is for spawning in the player and another is for updating the game’s stage for the client’s gui.

They’re very different; I feel as if it will be messy if I wrap it all in one.

Spawning the player should be done on the server, shouldn’t it?

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There are other things that fall along with it, on the client. Such as equipping your weapon, setting local music, etc. etc.

Since setting a character root part’s cframe will replicate regardless of server or client, I decided to do it on the client.

It depends on how you want the system to be structured. Honestly, there is no fix other than sending as little information over the Remote Event as possible. You’ll always get latency when doing communication between the Client / Server boundary.