First attempt at making horror game! feedback needed!

hello! i would like some feedback for my game (this is on my alt account)


I can’t test it because the server is slow

that was a glitch. i fixed it now.

It’s colorless, just a basic maze with a dummy npc that has bad ai, no animations, and no design. You need to add more personality to it, add a theme. You can’t just have this base place with nothing.

That is the point. It is inspired by some of my older games where I made a maze that loops and there are monsters inside. The colorless hallways are just there to make it feel more uncomfortable.

this game kinda reminds me of arena 51 games ngl. no offense but there’s no anything to do (sorry for grammar)

No, it’s just plain. It doesn’t make it any uncomfortable, just makes it look bad.

As I said, this was inspired by my old “infinite” games where there is a maze, and you go through it trying to reach the end without dying to monsters.

Hey there.

As my opinion. It isn’t that good just some npc’s and walls that make it bad.
You may add a theme, and some more decoration.
And make special npc’s like ones that make you blind etc…

Good luck!

I recommend adding sound, also I think the hallway should have some sort of texture and maybe have some other monsters that look diffrent. And I also think you should add some sort of decoration so it isnt just plain. I think this could be really good with the things I recommended! :grin: :grin: Good job

instead of making it a colorless maze,Add some decoration to the walls,ground and some flickering lights,To make it eerie and spooky.Also I would say that a facility is probably the best choice because it’s usually always so creepy.And some really creepy monsters(maybe not too creepy!)to spice up the horror game.
Hoped this helped!