First attempt with terrain + lighting

Hey devforum! :slight_smile: This is my first post-

I’m showing my first attempt at making something with the terrain tool (+lighting effects) in ROBLOX studio. Please give me any tips or feedback- be as harsh as you can, I want to improve :smiley:

game link;


it’s pretty good, but it seems kinda empty, drab, and boring. But i’m bad at terrain, so maybe it isn’t in somebody elses eyes


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I was thinking to add some bushes and rocks in- but I need to experiment with that some more before actually publishing it :smiley:

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Your terrain is decent, but it needs more life since there’s a river flowing through the terrain. Remember that water gives life, so there should be many plants near the river.

Few questions though:

  • Is the terrain supposed to be this small? If it is, then you need to put in more detail, because at the moment this looks like it was a bit rushed.
  • Is this set in a kind of marshland or swamp? (sorry if I incorrectly guess this) If it is, then you should consider putting lots of pockets of water in the ground.
  • Is the biodiversity in the terrain supposed to be very diverse, or little diverse? If the biodiversity little diverse, then I think you may need to edit your terrain a bit so that it’s not an area teeming with life. If it is very diverse, then you need to add in different kinds of trees, not just the same Blender trees. You will need to add in more plants, perhaps moss, or even weeds, just anything!
  • Are the trees meant to look like that? The trees don’t look like they fit the terrain. I think you should try a different design.

Overall though, you’ve done a decent job. I feel like there’s a big room for improvement. Keep on with the epic terrain work!


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I realise there is a lot of area for improvement, I will remember what you said for my next attempt with terrain.

Im currently experimenting with different styles, although this was my first. I want to practice a lot of different regions (such as deserts, swamps, plains, etc…) and to do this I will use a small tile of terrain and build onto that.

I was aiming for a plains style, I think I need to look at and observe more reference images though to make sure everything is as natural as I can make it.

I did think this when deciding to use them- I’m not comfortable enough yet with 3D modelling to create my own trees and models, these are from the toolbox. I’ll be sure to do some more research and find out which tree species belong in which areas.

Thank you :smiley:


Although it quite looks good for a first terrain build. Overall to add more depth into your terrain try including some vegetation throughout the area there could be some mountains or something that’ll match with the terrain. Such as rocks, mushrooms, flowers, various trees, and etc.

If you plan on expanding the terrain, creating more landscape and elevation I think it’ll look good experimenting into adding particle effects could add a bit of realism. My small suggestions are to add some more variety of trees instead of them looking repetitive in the background, at the start it looks good, it all depends on the style of look you’re going for.


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I will keep this in mind when attempting my next terrain build :smiley: