First build attempt [Feedback]

Hey, I have been scripting on Roblox and creating UI since around 2017 but have always struggled with building.

Recently I decided to try and create a map for my murder game since I don’t have a high amount of funds to hire a builder and after receiving feedback from friends I was shocked as they loved the build.

Here are some pictures of the build (so far):

I want some feedback on the build from others as sometimes friends can just say “It’s great!” or “Amazing” to everything so that you feel good about yourself.

Thanks, Sam.


I’m my opinion it’s a great start I’m only a beginner myself so I’m not one to judge but the build feels a little too blocky and plain maybe add some more definition and detail to make it pop as on the outside it kind just feels like boxes and the outside around the building feels empty too as well as add some furniture or something more happening on the inside as for the current details I think you did a really good job


I like the build feeling “blocky” as I believe it fits my game however I do agree that it needs further detail especially inside of the building. Do you have any ideas on what I can include? (Tables, chairs, ect.?)


In the building, maybe some broken book shelves, cob webs, a round table with chairs, some lights that fit the building, I don’t know what the building is so whatever you’d expect In a run down version.
On the outside maybe some benches, fire hydrant, sewer manhole lampposts

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You definitely need some atmosphere and filler. For example, crates or some nature along the ally way. There are so many things you can do. In side the building you could make some sofas, a table, some chairs and so on. It needs filler though.


A good idea I had is that on the inside you could have some items or a sofa on the inside covered by a cloth like it’s been there for a while and it was getting ready to be moved before something bad happened to the people

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Thanks for the good suggestions probably will do that.

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This is very good for a first attempt. Keep working on building and you can build like a boss!

Edit: Definitely better than my first build :eyes:

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Thanks! Technically it is my second build I have attempted but this is the furthest I have gotten.

It seems like a good first attempt at building. Things you can improve to the build is so add small details, like garbage cans or trash cans, things that tie the build together will make it much nicer. I do hope that you could give more detail on what you were trying to make, or what theme you were trying to get at, so other users could get an idea on what you were trying to do, and it gives us a better idea on how you can better improve the build.

It is definitely a start, it may not be outstanding but it is something. I love the effort you have put into it based on how it is your first build.

A few things I would work on:

  • Utilising the materials used
  • Expand your use of colours
  • Add more detail (i.e roads, particles)

With some work this build can look awesome!

Good luck with the future development, can’t wait to see updates.

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Hey! I see some potential in you. I can help you get some things better because you clearly have it in you. xKorl#8700 or just accept my friend request on roblox if you’re intrested!

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Looks great! However I think the blue and green splodges are not necessary. Good build! Doesn’t look like your first build to me haha.

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Very good for your first work! I have a suggestion. Perhaps you should union the water puddles so you don’t see it overlapping. Other than that, amazing job!

The build overall feels to blocky, second to last picture was very bland inside and should have much more detail like boxes or plants. Why is there a knife in the wall with green slime looking stuff coming out of it? It looks really weird. If you can make things look less blocky then you could make this really good, also you might want to add roads as well. But yeah this is good for start.

It looks really good for your first build!
But there is a few problems:

  1. Looks very blocky
  2. In the fourth picture there is green stuff coming out of the knife. What is that
  3. In the second picture, it doesn’t look like the “CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS” is attached to anything
  4. In the second picture, why is there a knife in the target?
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For a first build, I am flabbergasted. It looks amazing. The ccolours and textures work really well together. The placements of the parts look really natural.

Possible Improvements

  1. I highly suggest using negated parts/unions in these areas to prevent some places being more concentrated in colour than others.

  2. Another possible improvement that you could do is to use a Plugin such as Archimedes Two (v2.4) by Scriptos to create light bulbs like this (credits to Xysanth).

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It looks nice!

Can you explain this?

I don’t like the choice of colour and how you do the water overall, and the slate material does not match as a side walk, same thing with the colour, and the lighting can be improved with blur, colorcorrection, bloom, sunrays etc.

This is an amazing build for a beginner! You have no Z-Fighting (where textures fight each other) or wacky shadows. My only criticism is that everything is flat. In the first picture the black building has 2 horizontal stripes, but they’re aligned with the wall. I suggest experimenting with having certain parts either stick out or stick in (if you know what I mean). The indoor pictures also need an interior that has objects. Adding desks, office chairs, potted plants, etc. would help your build a lot. The outside is also kinda dull, so you could add lights to brighten it up somewhat.

But, you did a great job on this! I hope you keep building! :smiley: