First build in 5+ months, Looking for feedback!

Hello! I’ve took a break from developing for about 5 months, and I finally started to ease into some modelling. I just made a simple low poly counter for a Roleplay Cafe or Restaurant. This took me about 10 minutes and is nothing special I just wanted some feedback on it!


For a simple counter, it’s all right. I’d suggest adding some base boards on the bottom, expanding the countertop a little bit more, and making it shorter so players can comfortably interact with it.


There isnt really much to give feedback on. It would be helpful knowing how you plan on using it. That would be easier to critique.
Other than that it definately looks like a counter.


More shots from different angles would be helpful, but from what I can see, I mean it’s sure a counter.

Could possibly use more detail, then again some materials besides plastic might fix that. Maybe shorten it a tiny bit a widen it a little bit too and give it slightly rounded edges.

It looks great but as HBS said, not much to give feedback on.
Maybe add some more detail like edges, etc?

There isn’t anything to give feedback on, it’s just a few parts. Maybe adding some detail and giving it a proper texture would do.

yes - how is anyone suppose to give worthwhile and useful feedback to such a basic, simple build. Maybe make your question less broad?

It’s good, but as some people have said, don’t rely too much on the forum that you gotta make a topic after 5 minute of building a counter!
However, it’s good.