First Commercial I've made

Hello Developers! :wave:

Today I’ve made a commercial that features my re-textured bloxy cola and my friend, @TeaForAnt

Feedback is appreciated


So cool, Did you made from Studio or Other software like blender?

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I only used Roblox Studio, and moon animator for the video

Blender is not involved because my PC is too slow for it :+1:

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Definitely really cool set of skills you have, but I wish you would use it for something bigger than Tea Soda and perhaps adding some thrilling music into it and whatnot. Other than that, it’s pretty sick. Well done.


I think that if the video would’ve been looped, it would be PERFECT for a VideoFrame, good job!


you should have made it $200

Cool ad :+1:

That looks really nice.
also 1 question how do u capture or record the animation in roblox studio i actually wanna start doing something like that

I use OBS Studio to record but my PC is super laggy at full graphic so I stretched the animation 4x slower and record it then, I speed up to 4x when editing it.

oh thats nice! I do have OBS I think ill give it a try for roblox studio