First created experiance, looking for some constructive feedback!

Hey all,

Below is my first experience, its a halloween themed obby map. (Obby genre was picked due to it being not too complex in terms of implementation and allowed me to create my first experience fairly quick).

Any feedback on the experience would be appreciated or if you run into any issues. I’m already aware the winners area is very bland and am planning to add a mini-tycoon game to it along with some other stuff to try and make it more interesting.

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Its very fun, but Halloween is almost over so unless its only Halloween themed, your gonna have to change it…

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Or you can make it open only during Halloween, I have a game named “HALLOWEEN” that I open only during October.

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I was thinking of something similar to this, and turning it possibly into a multi-place experience over time with different areas for different themes. Along with a ‘default’ area for when it isn’t a holiday.

It would also be a lot easier to setup now that I’ve got all the scripts required to setup something like that

Thanks for the feedback, I was aware of this when building and as mentioned by @EliottENAnnoucement Ill either keep it open during October or just incorporate it into a larger hub type obby experience at a later time.

I’m hoping to do a Christmas/Holidays themed one later this year