First Creation in Blender Feedback

Hi All, I’m starting to get into Blender as you may saw my most recent post about a GFX.

Alright Listen, I tried to make a truck, but it ended up looking like some overlapped transport car.

Take it easy on me, as this is my first ever creation in blender. All feedback is appreciated!


Nice. ; ]

It is your first attempt, but still. :+1:


Very cool! It kinda looks like a minecart. I don’t have much feedback but one thing I would change would be the “spikiness” (don’t really know how to word it) of the wheels since they don’t really go with the low poly style of the body.

Keep up the good work though!

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I love it look like a little toy car that a 3 year old would play with its cute!
and its your first! 9.9/10

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I like the fact that on one side its a amogus car but on the other hand, I like the effort

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Okay for your first try my rating (it could be a little harsh) 4.5/10

That’s all of my feedback. :+1: