(First ever Icon) FEEDBACK NEEDED

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Hey there! Im xXSnowman_22Xx im new to the developer forum.

I just made my first ever icon for my story game, i need some feedback on it.



Awesome job! There are a few things I would recommend though.

  • In the background you can see the magic wand outline. I would recommend this website for starburst backgrounds.

  • I would also recommend making the shading on the pumpkin a bit more strong. Because of the dark background it is hard to make out the shadows on the pumpkin. Raising the level a bit will make it much better.

All in all awesome job on your first icon! You seem like you have a lot of potential.

– everythingtech2018


This looks more like a thumbnail of the game rather then a icon since it shows what your game is about and little information in the thumbnail, however I can see what your going for.

It’s not bad but if you want to improve the quality of the thumbnail or icon there’s a bunch of ways to go about this include a different font or a background image of the game instead of making it all black. At least make it look interesting and remove the white lines within the background.

I’d recommend producing a different font of text or try not making the font blurry. Consider putting more effort into your icon if your wanting to make it more attractive and interesting to players. Take inspiration from other’s work to get little ideas to add to yours:

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Thanks guys! This should really help me.

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You can also use a website for icons/thumbnails for free here

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I will/ and can change more later this is what i changed on it :


Looks good, the res is a little bit low. Icons and thumbnails are supposed to be eyecatching so maybe try to use a different color than black? Even if orange and black go exceptionally well.

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Pixlr is very low quality i reccomend GIMP, PDN or photopea Photo Shop is by far the best for gfx though

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in the back add a dark orange and light orange star burst

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It’s here and there, but it seems to be a little un detailed this does seem to be lacking some things that you could take later down the line. Perhaps include information of the game in the background I can imagine this being a icon of your game it wont look attractive to sorting players.

The background is pretty dull and bland if you look at the logo/ font it casts that good appearance. If you look at other existing games you’ll see there icon has a little information about the game or whether it’s a thumbnail it does seem to feature a dark look, making it bland and overall boring, try experimenting or messing around with placing a proper background try messing with different background and see which ones looks good to you.

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