First GFX Creation

Hello everyone!

This is my gfx creation it is very low quality, since this is my first gfx ever!
My first, time it may be kinda bad…



The watermark is a bit too big, the colours don’t really match, maybe try to make the blue in the background a little darker. Try making lighting adjustments, it’s too bright but has great potential! Not bad at all for your first GFX, keep up the great work. :sun_with_face:

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The light is too bright, colors don’t match at all and the position is pretty weird . And for people to not steal your gfx, when posting it publicly you should add your watermark all over the gfx so its pratically imposible for someone to steal it (but make the watermark kinda transparent). Anyways pretty good start :+1:


Okay thanks, I am not a gfx artist so this is pretty not good…

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Nice GFX! I don’t like the sort of ‘fade’ on the character, though.

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