First GFX Creation

I’m more of a clothing designer BUT, I’ve been working on being able to do multi-services. This is the first GFX I created. Feedback would be very much appreciated.

In the future, I will be adding actual backgrounds and such.

i added a background and did a little lighting updates. feedback very much appreciated.


Hello there! As a new Graphics designer, you are doing very good in terms of rendering, posing as well as lighting. The few things I would suggest as a Novice Graphics designer would be to maybe add like a sun rays overlay to the chracther as it would make it a bit more realistic. Secondly, I’d suggest adding in a background to it. Otherwise you’re pretty much good to go as it looks great. Have a wonderful day :smiley:


This GFX look good but behide the GFX you need to make , example : squad , natural landscape , … so is will look more unique, deeper :slightly_smiling_face: keep it up

It’s incredible! I guaratee you, you’ll have a future in GFX graphics. It’s high-quality and very stylish, good job.

Amazing job, good lightining, good render. My peers.