First GFX Feedback

First GFX Support
Hello, my name is laza I am new to the forum and I am new to GFX.
Today I made my first GFX.
Please rate it! c:

(Please do not mind the watermark :slight_smile:)



I like it but I don’t love it. If you were going for like a negative space type of thing, just attention on the avatar then it’s perfect, but if you weren’t you might want to add a background with maybe like a desert village since it’s a military GFX. For your first GFX it’s amazing! Keep up the great work!:upside_down_face:


Add background, and also add an overall theme, this gfx is just bland and plain BORING

I love it, Maybe for the background at a gate of a base in a unknown area. Or maybe even a battlefield with aircrafts flying above and you in combat with a AK-47 in you’re hand, With some fire action going on or maybe even a tank rolling in.

Or even maybe you in a building clearing out rooms with gas in it.
Idk, I am giving suggestions. But I love it overall.

Keep it up, If you wanna contact me if you got any issue, Please message me on the devforums <3 :sparkles:


Thank you, I will do that!
I had some problems with blender since it was my first time and I couldn’t really understand everything.

Thank you for the suggestion, I am trying to improve every day!

Not bad the pose looks good, but the background really don’t match the look of the avatar, and maybe add some effect, except that you did a good job!

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Oh ok, I totally understand. I’ve been trying to get into using blender, but it has so much stuff it’s confusing. Good luck!

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The background was automated, it depends where I post it.
Like on discord it discord theme background, dev forum white ect…

Your character is too stiff.

The way your character’s arms are rotated make the point out. To fix this rotate the back of the arm back a bit, a good example is the Rthro idle animation.

People also don’t just rotate their head, their bodies follow the movement, I would suggest doing the pose yourself in a mirror and study yourself.

This might be nitpicking but YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT CENTERED MY OCD AHHH (JK)

All in all this is a good first time, keep up on going :movie_camera:


Amazing GFX. Areas of improvement:
Add lighting
Add a background

It’s a pretty nice render, although I would love to see a background added with som special effects.