First GFX feedback

Hello, I made my first GFX render today. How can I improve and what are those weird squares on the sides. How do I get rid of them? Thanks.


I don’t know what squares are you talking to, but, for your first GFX, it looks amazing! :star_struck:


You should change or remove the bulb because it doesn’t fit as bad. But it looks good giving a suspenseful atmosphere.

This should be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations. We can’t see the character properly as of the position of lighting. Try to position it well like putting it on top left side of that character.

Some volumetric lighting would of made this 100x better! Still a great gfx tho!

Hi @SuperkarolG!

Is it just me, or does the light look a little concentrated? There is a massive amount of light on the ground, but then it instantly turns to dark. This might be natural, but I feel like it’d look a little better if the light smoothly transitioned to dark, instead of taking a huge turn.

Otherwise, I love how this turned out! Really nice, and your character looks sneaky, like in a spooky situation. Very well done for your first one!

If the lighting was International I would advise fixing that however if it’s something you wanted and was successful making no changes need to be made. Adding vines or plants growing on certain parts of the build could improve it you could always add more lighting or details to make areas feature more lifelike objects.

The character posing structure looks good but the scene is quite a simplistic design perhaps include a creature coming through the door dark in the back or add other objects out in the area. If I were to provide any feedback I’ll try raising the lamp to create a more dim lighting appearance, you should even add more additional details around the wall parts since it’s a practice design I wouldn’t recommend going overboard with the details if you plan on not making any specific changes to it.

Otherwise, it’s not bad experiment with adding additional details if needed?